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A journey of dust and forgotten dreams


01 about

Mothen follows the story of a naïve adventurer, determined to bring light back to their world. They are not the first to embark on such a journey, and they may not be the last.

Follow the Path of the Brilliant Light, heed the words of fellow travelers, and cling tight to the dreams of those now turned to dust.

02 inspiration


The visual style and theming of Mothen is inspired by adventure games such as Hollow KnightAfterimage, Out of Line, and Gris. It also draws inspiration from the art of Heikala, Steven Universe, and Kaite O'Neill as well as my experiences with and love of illustration that mixes clean linework with a papery, traditional feeling.

The story of Mothen rests on the papery, dust-covered wings of real-world moths. I have always had a fondness in my heart for the creatures that I often found fluttering around my lamp or against my window; I always go out of my way to rescue them. Though they are unable to ever reach the light within the bulb, they try tirelessly to do so. It is this naïve and blind ambition that translates to me as a boundless hope, which I hope to always have in my heart no matter how dark the night I may find myself in.

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